Eastern Spirit 2012


hey :slight_smile:

Is there anyone else going on this trip?



just realized, i mean the trip that leaves from Rome on the 11th of july 2012!


Me! :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile:

nice to hear someone else is going! i’ve found it really hard to find anything about this trip on the forum



Yeah there isn’t too much, I think maybe because it joins up with another trip… but who knows.

Will you be in Rome before the trip? I’m there for a few days prior and wouldn’t mind a travel buddy… even for just getting to “Camping Roma” :stuck_out_tongue:



That little : p face is really creepy…


I’m travelling with my boyfriend and we are getting there on the 6th and madly trying to see everything Rome has to offer till the top deck trip starts!
We are staying in “camping roma” until the trip starts (figured it was easier not to have to move hostels or whatever) where and when you getting there? our itinery is pretty hectic, but could try and meet you at the campsite or whatever?
(i agree the : p face is a little weird!)
sarah x