Eastern Spirit 2011 - 3rd August


Hi Everyone,

Curious to know who has also booked on the Eastern Spirit tour departing Rome on the 3rd of August? Or who is on the Spirit of Europe Tour that meets this tour on day 9-24.

I am traveling alone for this part of my European journey, looking forward to meeting you all!



Ill be there starting in Rome on August 3rd travelling solo as well.
Can’t wait :slight_smile:



I am going to be on thus tour also. Cant wait!!

How are all the preperations coming along?



Packed and ready to go! I leave Sydney in 10 days, first stop France.

Where will you both be coming from? Anyone been on a Top Deck tour before?


Wow, leaving so soon! Thats so exciting.
I’m leaving Australia July 24th, spending a week in Spain then starting the tour.
Not long now


I will be doing the Spirit of Europe trip from the 26th of July.
Look forward to meeting you all.
I will also be leaving Melbourne on the 24th of July to get to London. Are you going Qantas from Melbourne?


I leave on the 22nd of July straight after work.

I am trying to go to Spain Irelanad or SCotland before for a week but on a tour but there are no tours available at the moment. Might have to go solo.

Im coming from Sydney. Its my first Top Deck trip


It’s my first top deck tour too (in fact, it’s my first time overseas!), but I’m on the Spirit of Europe tour. Looking forward to meeting you all. :slight_smile:


Anyone started a facebook book group yet for it?


I tried. Add Matt Thompson from Melbourne and then Facebook will allow us to make a group.
You need to invite someone to the group to make it. That’s why I failed


Hey Matt, what’s your profile pic of so we can find you in the bunch!


It is me in a red shirt sitting on the train. Pretty much all of the pic is bright red


Hi Guys,
I will be on the Spirit of Europe tour. Looking forward to meeting some of you in Rome.


Hey guys;
Koukz from the Spirit of Europe tour has started up a Facebook site if there’s not already one up and running. Here’s the link if you’re keen to join the page.
Not long to go now! :smiley: