Eastern Pathways 2nd June



Anyone else doing the Eastern Pathways on the 2nd of June?
I’m a solo female traveller from Melbourne, Australia. I fly into Rome a couple of days beforehand and don’t know what I should get up too in those two days. Far too much to do in Rome!


Hey! I’m also a solo traveller from nz. I can’t wait for this trip! Im also flying into Rome two days before (Thursday lunch) do you have any plans? We should meet somewhere as I have no plans at all!


Hey Chels,

I’m flying in 2 days beforehand too, no plans as of yet on what to do. We should definitely meet up beforehand. Do you know where you’re staying?



Great! No haha no idea at all. I’m on exchange in Sweden at the moment and so am flying to Rome from here. What about you have you got any accommodation? what time and what airport do you fly into? I fly into Rome-Fiumicino at 12:40pm on Thursday 31st May. Like I said I have made no plans what so ever for the two days before we leave so I would be very keen to meet up when we arrive, suss out accommodation and look around the sites if you haven’t already got anything planned :slight_smile: Let me know


I’m staying at The Beehive, which is just near Termini Station I’m pretty sure. I booked accommodation beforehand because I know I’ll be keen to put my bags down after flying over from Melbourne. That’s as far as I’ve got though. I arrive on the 31st too at Rome-Leonardo Da Vinci at 1:40pm, so just a little bit after you. If you like we could meet up after we’ve all checked in and everything.


Ok cool I’ll look into booking there too cause that’ll be handy. Yes absolutely we can catch up after you’ve arrived, it’ll be good to have someone to hang out with and explore Rome until we depart for our tour. I was a little worried about what the hell I was going to do for the two days haha


Ok I’ve put in a reserve for the beehive in a dorm room- hopefully they’ll have a bed for me. Did you go into the dorm room too?


Haha same. Fingers crossed! If not I’m sure there are plenty of hostels close by and we could just organise somewhere to meet up. Yeah I’m in the dorm room so hopefully you get it. It must be a nice place if it books out so early.


We could even meet at the airport if you wanted to hang around for an hour. But that could get tricky if a flight is delayed.


Ok they were all booked out at the beehive!!! but Im now staying at burns bed and breakfast which was recommended by the beehive website. Im not too sure where it is in relation to the beehive but hopefully its not too far! Yes I was thinking I could just hang out at the airport to meet you there, would be a lot easier as Im guessing you wont have a sim that will work in europe? Its only an hour and getting my luggage etc always takes longer then expected


Ok, that sounds great. I will be organising a phone but don’t have one at the moment. Do you have Facebook? That might be a convenient way to keep in contact before we fly in perhaps?
I don’t think they’re close :frowning: but I’m sure will be easy enough to get to. And we can just meet somewhere in the mornings and spend they days touring about.


Yeah they’re not next to each other but with the transport in Europe it won’t be hard to get to at all. Yup I’ve got fb, my names Chelsea Oliver, ah it will say lives in Stockholm Sweden but I’m from aria nz, add me! Are you gonna get the top deck sim card? And yes maybe it will be easier if we just meet in the morning of the 1st of June, you’ll probably be very very tired from your long flight!


hmm, can’t seem to find you. There are a lot of Chelsea Olivers. Can you try Ally Van Summeren? I don’t think there are many of me.
I think I might borrow my friend’s German sim card and set it on global roaming just as a temporary measure and then get one when I get to the UK as I’ll be staying there for a while after tours. Not too sure yet.


K I added you, well I hope I did! You were the only one that came up! Haha.


Yep, all good!


Hi Ladies, I am also travelling alone from Melbourne and fly into Rome 3 days earlier it would be lovely if I could catch up with you before the tour. I am staying at Alessandro Palace. Kath :slight_smile:


Hi Kath!
Great another person! As you may have read our conversation you would see that we both arrive Thursday afternoon and it seems we are all staying at different places! We should all meet up on Friday-maybe around brunch time? see the sights etc??!!


Ps, Just looked on google maps and you two are pretty much next door to each other so it’ll be easy if I just meet you guys at either one of your accommodations :slight_smile:


Hey Kath!
Another Melbourne person! What day do you leave? That sounds great. Friday brunchish sounds like a great idea, have a look around Rome. And we can all head to the meeting place together on the 2nd as well.


Just one question- what type of bag are you guys taking for this trip?