Eastern Link May 18 2018 - June 7 2018


Hello! My name is Julie and I’m from Ontario, Canada and am doing the Eastern Link tour from May 18 2018 - June 7. I will be solo travelling and wanted to connect with people on this tour prior to departure. I’ve been to Europe many times, but this trip is one of the longest and will cover the most terrain. I’ve not been back to Europe for quite some time as my partner and I have been spending much of our travel time in Jamaica (where he is from). I am so excited for this trip!


Hi my name is Kelsey. I’m from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada!! I’m doing the European Pioneer which your trip the Eastern Link is part of.


Hi Julie, :blush:
I am considering the Eastern Link tour. How was it? I hope you had the most wonderful time. A review would be awesome. What parts did you enjoy the most? Which places would you revisit in a heartbeat :heartbeat:?