Eastern Link 23 June 2017


Hey guys, who is doing this trip next year?


Hey hey!!

I’m gonna be on that one and so is another friend of mine :slight_smile:


If I’m not wrong I think eastern link joins the European Pioneer trip and we’ll be joining you guys in Athens around that time. The European Pioneer I’m going on starts on the 11th so not sure if you’re on the same one! Haha


From what I know that’s correct. They tend to all link up now!


My itinerary says we’ll be in Athens on the 27th of June so we probably would’ve just missed you guys :’( aw haha


Heya! Awesome! Im travelling by myself so bit nervous about it all! Im coming from New Zealand, where are coming from? Im really looking fwd to it :grinning:


Yea they do link up but yours mite be after our tour then??


Yeah I think so! Sad :frowning: would’ve loved to meet you guys! X


Youl meet some other awesome people on your tour :wink:


I’m doing this trip!! wooh! :smiley:


Hey Jess…I am looking at doing the Eastern Link tour next year…just curious to hear about it!! Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to others? How many were on your tour? Good mix?
Thanks heaps,


I loved it! I would definitely recommend the eastern link. I did a 15 day tour before that as well, classic europe. I enjoyed both for different reasons, the people on the tour make a difference as well. I enjoyed the atmosphere of my second tour more so than the first and just some of the cities and history was more fascinating in the eastern link tour. I had a great time and want to go back to several places we visited. You only spend one or two nights in each place so you only get a taste of what its like really. You have people joining and leaving throughout the trip, we were down to about 30 but up to about 47 at the fullest for about a week. Yet on my first trip there was 38 of us i think and a few of us left that tour in Rome and there would have been people join it. You won’t regret it! I loved it!