Eastern Highlights tour July 8th-22nd (2016)


Hey fellow travellers.

I’ve booked in on the Eastern highlights tour (8th jul-22nd jul 2016). anyone else travelling on the same tour?

I’ll be travelling solo & it’ll be my first trip to europe. Pretty keen to meet & talk to some people before i head over.




Hey Joel!

Ill also be traveling on that trip. I’m SO keen for this trip. I will be arriving a day late as ill be coming off another sailing trip, so look out for me :slight_smile:

Ill also be traveling along. Where are you from? I’m from NZ.



Sweet!! I’m so keen as well.

Where will you be touring before?

I’m from Sydney.


Hey joel

Im doing the dubrovnik dreams sailing trip before which ends the morning of your second day in dubrovnik. Its gonna be so nice to be on the water in that heat. Wbu? Are u flying straight in or spending time elsewhere first?


yeah it will be heaps nice…I’m visiting family in malta first