Eastern Express 21 August - 05 September


Hey people!

I am heading over to Europe in under 6 weeks! I am doing the Eastern Express tour starting on 21st August - 5th September and travelling by myself. Wondering if there are any other heading over for the same trip?

Brenna :smile:


Hi Brenna
I am going to be on the same trip as you! I will be with my partner but we get split up when we stay at the hostels, would be nice to meet some new people. We are from New Zealand what about you?

Holly :grinning:


Hey Holly!

That’s so exciting! I am also from New Zealand, I am in Christchurch where are you guys? Can’t wait to meet you both.

Brenna :grin:


We are also from Christchurch oooh so exciting. We are going to be staying at the pre tour accommodation on the 20th of August what day do you arrive for it?


This is so exciting! Yeah me too! Camping Village Roma? I arrive on the 19th August. When do you guys leave CHCH?


We leave on the on the 10th of August as we are doing a 7 night cruise from Barcelona up around the coast of France then drops us off in Rome on the 20th. Is that the pre tour accommodation? we don’t know yet as our travel agent is on holiday lol.


Oh wow that sounds amazing. Yeah that’s what my travel agent told me, and that is where Top Deck pick up point is. We should try and catch up before you leave! :smile:


Yes very keen add me on face book =) Holly Hill and we will catch up before we leave. Not long now


I hope I added the right person haha! My last name is Shirtcliff :slight_smile:


Don’t think you did as didn’t get a notification but that’s ok I added you :smile: