Hi … im thinking of doing the eastern exposure tour starting in Dubrovnik on the 29/08/2014 - 11/09/14

Anyone else doing this tour ??? i will be travelling alone on this tour … :slight_smile: ;D B-)\



My friend and I are doing Eastern Exposure the week before from the 22nd August. We originally wanted to do the 29th but were advised to do the tour leaving on the 22nd as the tour is guaranteed not matter the numbers. If the numbers for the 29th tour are low, I guess they can cancel it maybe? :o :frowning: But we are all booked in for the 22nd now! Very excited. I’m sure you will be fine on whatever tour you choose. :slight_smile: ;D B-)


My friends and I are planning to do Eastern Exposure also but the dates aren’t sure yet.


Hello everyone!
Anybody traveling in Eastern Exposure this May 30, 2014 starting in Dubrovnik?
I find it super weird that nobody writes anything … Greetings community Topdeck! :slight_smile:



me and a mate are doing the eastern exposure tour starting the 5th sep. going to be hanging around dubrovnik a few days before. anyone else booked on this trip for this date


Hi everyone,
I’m thinking of booking this tour in Oct 2014. How were your experiences with the tour? Any tips or advice?