Eastern Explore / The Great Eastern from May-June



I’m planning on flying into Istanbul in late May or June, spending a week there, and then joining up with one of these two tours (can’t decide which). After this I wan’t to do some travel on my own to see most of the main sites in Western Europe, hopfully getting a chance to meet up with some other friends in Germany and London aswell.

I would like to hear back about which tour I should take, how feasible this plan is, and/or hear from anyone else going on either of these trips, especially if they have any plans for travelling once it’s done!

Basically any feedback would be highly appreciated!



I’m doing the exact same thing man. I’m going to Turkey on the 20th of may, and meeting up with the eastern explore trip in istanbul leaving on the 29th. I’m hitting pamukkale, aphrodisias and goreme before I head to istanbul.


Oh wow, good stuff. Do you plan on traveling after aswell? Also what website are you using to book your flights and where are you flying into?

These two trips work with everything I want to see in Europe but I’m hesitant to pull the trigger because I know that I can fly into London through canadian affair for about $350. Unfortunately though there are no tours that do London through Eatern Europe to Turkey, and it seems like Western Europe would be easy enough to do myself or with a small group.



I used my airmiles so I got cheap flights that way. I would recommend http://www.hipmunk.com for flights if you’re choosing to do it online. I found that it’s pretty good at finding the cheapest flights. Sounds like that’s a pretty cheap flight. There’s also companies like ryan air, and a few other European airline companies that do very cheap flights throughout so it might be worth checking out.

Yeah the eastern explore trip hits everywhere in Europe that I haven’t been to yet (other than the Scandinavian areas), that I want to go to, so I’m super stoked on this. I’m flying into Denizli, arrive at like 7pm, bus out to pammukkale, rest up that night, spend a full day there, do a tour down to aphrodisias the next day, and take an overnight bus that night to Goreme, arrive at like 7am, spend two days there, and another overnight bus to Istanbul. I would really recommend the overnight buses if you don’t have much trouble falling asleep like me. It’s basically the same price as a hostel, and you don’t waste valuable daytime hours on a bus.

I’m only spending one more day in London after the trip, I would have liked to have travelled more, but I can’t seem to find money for it.