Eastern Explore- Reviews?


Hi everyone,
My name’s Jess and I’m thinking of travelling on the Eastern Explore this June, and was wondering if it was as good as it sounds? I really hope it is!


Hi Jess,

I think that the Eastern Explore tour is new this year (though one almost exactly the same was available last year as a camping trip), so I don’t think you’ll get much feedback from people who have done it already.
HOWEVER, I have booked the trip departing June 7th, because I thought it sounded pretty awesome too! Recently I went to a presentation by Topdeck (in collaboration with my Travel Agency) and the Topdeck rep spoke really highly of Eastern Explore. He used to be a trip leader and has been all over Europe, so him being excited that I had chosen that one was really exciting!
It would be great if you joined! Let me know if you decide to come along!



Hey Jess, im also thinking of doing the same tour in june, maybe leaving on the 14th. I would also like to hear from anyone who has done a similar trip with topdeck. As Mychal said , its new this year and myself and a friend are already excited to start booking!.


Sooooo… Thanks for the replies! Good to know its probably a new one… I have actually booked a spot on the Eastern Spirit (with the Eastern Explore coming a close second) trip leaving on the 8th of June from Rome and I added a couple of extra nights in London on the end…So I won’t get to meet you guys… BUT I AM SO EXCITED! I hope you all have a great time on the tours you choose/ have chosen!


Anyone planning on doing the Eastern Explore leaving on the 28th June? Ive just booked :slight_smile:


Just booked for July 5th. Anyone else going?


Just booked for 23rd August! Anyone else planning on going on this one?


I am on the August 30th departure. Any fellow world explorers on this one


Eastern Explore 14th June anyone??


Hey, I’m booked on 14 June. Has anyone traveled with TopDeck before?