Eastern Explore July 12 to August 1 2016


Anyone else doing the Eastern Explore Istanbul to London from 12 July?

Travelling solo and pretty psyched!


Hey! I just signed up for this tour.
When do you arrive in Istanbul?
I’m solo traveling too


I arrive in Istanbul the night before and I’m staying at the Golden Horn hotel we are supposed to meet at. You?


I fly in the same day it starts, have you organised the visa we need to get in?


Yeah, it was pretty easy to organise. I did it at the same time as I booked my flights.


Looks like we will all be arriving the day before, all solo travellers too :raised_hands:. So keen! Is everyone from Australia?


yeh i’m from Brisbane, you doing anything interesting before or after the tour?


I’m a Sydney-sider, yer I’m in Croatia for 3 weeks I leave Sydney tomorrow! Still doesn’t feel real! How about you?


oh lucky! good luck sleeping tonight lol, im doing greece before and spain after the trip, have fun in Croatia and ill see you in Istanbul.


ElleLaws, are you also staying at the hotel we start at?


Camille im staying in belgrade the night before hopefully ill see you around before the trip starts


I arrive in Belgrade tonight, so just let me know if you want to meet up. Finally convinced a friend to join the trip, so the more the merrier! Where are you staying at n Belgrade? The Hostel Fair was fully booked when I went to book, so I’ll be at the Wake Up Hostel.


I would have been in Belgrade this morning but I missed my flight and just arrived. Would have been nice to meet up but I will see you tomorrow:)