Eastern Explore 29th July!


Hey guys!

I am offically booked on this tour, yipeeeeee.

Has anyone else booked or considering this tour?

Dani ;D


Hi Dani!
I’ve just booked this tour as well ;D Are you travelling on your own or with friends? I’ll be on my own for the tour so it’d be great to get to know people before it starts :slight_smile:
Hope to hear from you soon!


Hey Nat,
Hey, yeah I will be travelling solo, so I thought I would try and meet a few people on here as well :slight_smile:
Where are you from?
Thanks Dani


Adelaide, the excitement capital of the world :wink: How about you? Are you travelling around Turkey a bit before the tour starts or straight to Istanbul? I’m thinking of doing Kusadasi > Pamukkale > Cappadocia > Istanbul the week before but still in the planning stages. Nat :slight_smile:


Oh thats awesome haha, I am from Brisbane!

No unfortunately not, I got time restriction due to work but I get into Istanbul on the 26th July. I’m a little nervous though cause I know we are joining in on the 2nd half of a tour :S

I’ve got a free 2 weeks though after the tour to check out the UK and France :slight_smile:


Ugh that sucks, I’ve been hoarding my annual leave since last year just to make the trip long enough. Yea I didn’t realise until after I’d booked it that it was mid way through that Europe bonanza tour, hope it’s not awkward us crashing their group hangs - I’m sure they’ll all be bonded by the time we join them =/ ah well, if it does turn into two separate groups we could always start clicking our fingers and have a dance off to settle our differences like in West Side Story :wink:
Some of my friends have moved to London this year so i’ll be heading to the UK as well :slight_smile: We’re getting tickets to Reading & Leeds music festival so that’ll be cool. Then I’m heading to Spain for La Tomatina and a few days in Valencia and Madrid before heading home. Pretty sure i’ll be broke until 2016 but I figure it’s better to go hard while I’ve got the opportunity.
Are you doing another tour in France/UK or your own thing?


Yeah, I’ve got a good 5 weeks but I’d rather a good 5 months instead!

Yeah I know that’s what worries me a bit - “Be friends with me I’m travelling alone” haha ;D. Oh wow that sounds amazing, I was thinking about doing La tomatina but I don’t know if I will have time. I am almost thinking about doing a sneaky and extending my trip by having a week of "sick leave"lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Haha I am going to be forever broke but who cares I’m young and seeing the world :slight_smile:

Nah I am going to wing it and be on my own - seems fun but scary at the same time.
So how long is your trip in total?


Pretty sure ‘travel bug’ is classed as an actual condition now, I’m sure you could get a certificate for it lol
I’m lucky, we have flex time at my work so I’m going to try to build up as many days as I can before I go and book a flight home that’s changeable once I’m over there.
I wasn’t planning on going to Spain at all, but the timing of La Tomatina three days after Reading & Leeds was too hard to resist. I’m actually going to the UK in a few weeks for my friend’s bday and st patty’s, so I’m fine with cutting my stay in London/Leeds short for Valencia.
I get into Athens on the 16th of July and probably leaving Madrid on the 3rd of September…so just over 7 weeks. Oh wow I really am going to broke for the rest of my life :frowning:
Yea I’ll reckon you’ll be fine winging it for your last 2 weeks. If you do get anxious or in trouble at least you know there will be enough aussies over there to adopt you :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

My names Rae and I’m 24 from Perth western Australia and doing this tour! Traveling solo for the first time So a bit nervous!

Are other people staying at the pre accommodation the Golden Horn hotel the night before? Might be good to meet up so we have a few familiar faces before the tour starts :slight_smile:


Hey anyone heading to la tomatina 2015?


Here is information about Turkey trips so detay information chek here and if you have any question please feel free and leet us know …

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