Eastern Explore 28th June - 18th July


Hey fellow TD’ers! Anyone doing the Eastern Explore tour starting in Istanbul on the 28th June? I’m travelling solo and getting pretty excited with only 5 weeks to go! I arrive in Istanbul on the 26th and looking at doing a Gallipoli tour on the Monday :slight_smile:


Hi Loretta! I am flying into Istanbul on the 27th of June and am keen to have a look around at the sites and markets but a little tentative to do it on my own. Would love some company if you are thinking of doing the same! :slight_smile:


Hi Emily! What time do you arrive on Monday? I’m thinking about heading out to Gallipoli for the day but I’m keen to go for a look around on Tuesday :blush: I’ve been to Istanbul before and it’s lovely! Are you staying at the hotel we are meeting at on Tuesday?


I arrive at 12;45pm so assuming I won’t get to the hotel till 3ish? I am staying at the same hotel, which is super easy and convenient haha. Looking forward to meeting everyone! I have booked a tour that does pickup/drop off and the sights around the city. Should be back to the hotel at 5pm ready for everyone to meet at 6!


Also - I’m assuming it is safe for us to walk around? Do we need to wear covered clothes and head wear?


You don’t need to completely cover up but you will need to have your head and shoulders covered when visiting some of the religious sites and possibly even down to your knees. May need to check on that one! I would probably be a little bit conservative in what you wear and not have anything too revealing :slight_smile: Have a look on lonely planet to some of the places you are going to and see what they say. I take a scarf with me so I can use that to cover my head etc. Have a safe trip over!