Eastern Explore 21 June 2016


Hi TD’ers! Solo traveller from Gold Coast Australia, booked in for the Eastern Explore tour departing from Istanbul on 21st June, 2016. Has anybody else booked for this tour? I’m arriving in Istanbul on the 18th and am up for pre-tour get togethers if there’s any interest! =D

Looking forward to meeting some new people!


Hi michael,
Im also booked in on this trip as well. Im from Adelaide also a solo traveller. I arrive in Istanbul on the 17th but im doing a gallipoli tour on the 18th and 19th. Definatly up for pre-tour get togethers.
See u there


Hi Mel,
Fantastic - I’m doing a Gallipoli tour on the 19th with two others who are on this trip. And they even live on the Gold Coast!! My fb address is through here http://bit.ly/1QVABOL if you’d like to chat!


Hi Michael,
Sounds fantastic i wonder if well meet up in gallipoli. I have sent you a fb friend request. Would be great to get to know the other people you are going with too. Have you heard from any other people going on this tour.

Getting excited for the trip now.