Eastern Explore 2011


Hi guys

I’ve booked to go on the Eastern Explore starting on August the 2nd… anyone else on this trip?

Also, how do you plan on getting from the airport to the hotel (please answer even if you’re not on the 2nd August trip and on another one)?

Looking forward to hearing from people!! :slight_smile:


Hey Lizzie,

I am on the August 30 departure date the name of the hotel we are staying at is Sipahi hotel in Istenbul, and it apprently has BED BUGS!!! I called top deck to let them have it, and to do something about it.

There is an airport shuttle as far as I know.

Any other questions just ask, I have done lots of research!




I’m so glad I read your post. Im booked for Sept 13th and I would like to know if any of these issues have been solved. “BED BUGS” don’t play… They’ll stay on your clothes and carry along all the way to your home and destroy your furniture and yourself. Please tell me what to expect and what should I do? I don’t mind staying anywhere just as long as its “safe, healthy and clean”. This is serious stuff.

And for the shuttle: who should I contact and what company provides this service?

And how much money should I bring, I from NYC? Should I use my credit card or what’s your advice, please?


P.S. Feel free to give me all the details of this trip. It will be greatly appreciated.


Hey Luz,

We have contacted the last trip leaders who were in Istanbul and staying at this hotel and none of them have had any reports of bed bugs there.

Hope this helps - we aren’t sure where the report of bed bugs came from!

Topdeck Team


Thank you very much for confirming this matter.

Btw can you please tell if I need visas for “Eastern Explore” starting on 9/13 from Turkey through London?

And which countries within “Eastern Explore” accept Euros for purchases?