Eastern European Currencies


Hi everyone,

I’m wondering how past travelers have handled changing currencies every day or two.
How much money did you take out in each country?
Did you end up having a lot of change that you couldn’t use?
Were you able to use Euros in any of the countries?

I’m taking The Eastern Explore departing June 7.
It visits:
Turkey (Lira)
Bulgaria (Leva)
Serbia (Dinars)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (Convertible Marka)
Croatia (Kuna)
Hungary (Forint)
Slovakia (Euro)
Austria (Euro)
Poland (Zlotych)
Czech Republic (Koruny)
Germany (Euro)
Netherlands (Euro)
Belgium (Euro)
England (Pound)
(source: http://www.xe.com/iso4217.php)

That totals 10 currencies. Any suggestions?



I know Turkey prefers Euros - but be careful with the rate as they round up the wrong way!!


hey all.
i have done 2 topdeck europe trips + i used to live in europe… so any questions you have let me know!!

For eastern europe. take pounds or euros or even swiss francs. all stable currencies. try to make sure you know how much 1 euro/pound/franc is worth in their money cos some shops will happily take your pounds/euros/francs and give change in local money. BUT make sure you get rid of all the local currency before you leave the country or go back to western europe… you will find it hard to exchange / or you will get a really bad rate.

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thankyou!!! ebony