Eastern Europe Currency


Hi All =)[br][br]I?m doing the mega European trip in a few weeks and I was wondering about the currency between the different Eastern Europe countries, e.g. Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech rep., Poland.[br][br]I was hoping I can use Euros to save confusion up with all the different currency.[br][br]If some one can help me out that will be fantastic =)[br][br]Thanks =)[br][br]Lisa


Hi,[br][br]Poland does not use Euro. You have to change your money to the local currency (Zloty, 1 Euro = 4 Zloty). You can exchange your money in the post offices and kantors (currency exchange kiosks). Poland is also a “cash country” i.e. the most preferred mode of payment is cash.[br][br]I’m not sure about the other eastern europe countries. Haven’t been there. I hope that helps.[br][br]Angel[br][br]European Getaway 4 - 23 July 09


You won’t have much luck using Euros in all of those countries. None are technically supposed to accept it. Hungary is forint, Bulgaria is lev, Romania is leu, Poland is zloty and I haven’t been to Czech but I think it is crowns.[br][br]To work out exchange rates - check out this link:[br][br]http://www.xe.com/ucc/ [br][br][br]Amanda[br][br]Red Star Special - 23 August 09


Thanks for your help =)[br][br]it looks like i’ll get to play around with 9 different currency on my tour[br][br]this is going to be fun =p