Eastern Europe and Scandinavia


Hi guys,[br][br]My tour around central and western Europe has whet my appetite… I want more![br][br]Can someone please tell me where I should look at heading next … Eastern Europe … Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic etc or Russia/Scandinavia?[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Euro Chick[br]xxx


I would definately go for the russia/scandi option. Norway is one of the most sepctacular places to visit in terms of its natural beauty, and then after that you hit russia with all its history. I did a top deck trip thru russia and was in moscow for my birthday last year and it rocked. Got to see red square and lenins tomb, it was incredible. Might have to head back since top deck are now doing trips thru latvi etc, only managed a day trip to estonia from helsinki on one of our free days there and would love to head back.[br][br]So its russia and scandi all the way in my opinion!!;D


Go to Hungary! Budapest is awesome and hasn’t been taken over by heaps and heaps of tourists yet so it’s still really unique. The architecture is stunning, and the food is great. And beacuse its now part of the EU (as of mid 04) it’s a lot more accessible so you should get there before everyone else does::slight_smile: Rasta