Eastern Escape - July 27


Hello. Just wondering if anyone else will be traveling on the Eastern Escape trip that starts on July 27th. If so, let’s chat.


hey there…I will be going for this eastern Escape trip on 15June08.I really look forward to it and start counting down now. [br][br]The only thing that i am still wondering is as to how much pocket money i need to cover these 12 days trip (as i notice a lot of the meal is not included in this trip). Hopefully, someone who has been to this tour previously can give us some suggestion.[br][br][br]


Hey there…I’m booked on this tour! So excited already and really looking forward to it. Where abouts are you from? I hail from Sydney AUS…


Getting worried now…i am totally confused as to how much local currency i need to change/get before hand. [br][br]i noted that out of the 6 countries for EASTERN ESCAPE,4 countries use their own currencies. (Czech, Hungary,Poland, Slovakia). I dont know how expensive/cheap stuff over there… [br][br]My last resort will be my credit card which is quite expensive to use taking into account of the unfavourable exchange rate plus foreign currency transaction bank charges.[br][br][br]could anyone give me advice?[br][br]


kin i suggest looking at the lonely planet website for an idea of prices, then going to www.xe.com to get a rough idea of what it costs in AUD[br][br]for example with poland http://www.lonelyplanet.com/worldguide/poland/money-and-costs the cost of a litre of milk is zl 1.80 and according to xe.com that’s about 87c AUD[br][br]hope that helps :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Thanks whirlsie,[br][br]The lonely planet website u recommended is really useful. It does help to answer a lot of my queries.:)[br][br]


Hi I’m going on this tour![br][br]Can’t wait![br][br]Emma. [br][br]


Hey Emma, good to hear from someone else who is on this tour! Where abouts in AUS are you from? Im in Syd and am doing this tour solo…


Well, it appears that there are at least three of us on this tour! I’m from the United States (Chicago, Illinois). I’m also doing the tour solo.


Hey,[br][br]I’m from Melbourne. Been in the UK since August 07. [br][br]I’m doing the tour with girlfriend. so that makes 4! ;D[br][br]has anyone been on a top deck trip b4?[br][br][br]


Nope this is my first time on a topdeck tour. From the sounds of things on the other discussion topics people do have a ball on these tours! Should be great8-) I’m counting down the weeks till I leave Aus already…


[br][br]great! sounds like fun! can’t wait! [br][br]good luck with the flight from Oz! its quite a killer. xx([br][br]see on the trip.[br][br]emma. [^]