Eastern Escape - Advice Needed


I am heading off on the Eastern Escape tour starting on 23rd Sept and was was looking for some advice. This will be my fourth trip to Europe but my first time east of Germany, so if anyone has done this trip or been to this area I would be greatful for any advice you could give especially about quality of hotels and must see attractions.


berlin and budapest are great places to ride bikes around the city (mostly flat)[br]I liked every hotel, except Berlin(only because it was unusually hot and had no AC or fan) Hotel in Prague is kinda out of the way, but gives you a chance to mingle with locals on the bus and subway while making the trip in the city.[br]Krakow hotel is nice, but kinda out of the way. Taxi is cheap to the castle walls though.[br]Nice to see Dresden while en route to Prague. Also nice to see Bratislava while en route to Vienna.[br]night club = strip club[br]Disco club = dance club[br]sex club = well, you know[br][br]all in all, it was an awesome time. Nice mix of people. Not too big of a group…maybe 25[br][br]