Eastern Escape 30 Jul - 11 Aug 2017


Hey! :slight_smile:
Just wondering who else is booked on the Eastern Escape starting on the 30 July 2017? Super excited!! :smile: I’ll be travelling solo, anyone else also travelling solo?


hi Sam!
I’m thinking about doing this tour too, and I’ll also be travelling solo. Where are you from?


It looks like a really good tour and I’ve heard good things! I’m from Perth, where are you from?


Hi Sam! I’m doing this tour! First time solo traveller :fearful: but also super excited


Hey Loz! Awesome :smile: it’ll be my first time solo too but I’m doing a few other tours before this one :slight_smile: super excited, where you from?


I’m from Brisbane. I’m doing the Northern Exposure Tour a few days after we end in Prague. What about yourself?


Nice, I’m from Perth


I am traveling solo as well. Super excited and hope to make good friends with you all. I am Wint. See you soon. :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m from Brisbane and this is my second Topdeck tour. I’ll be flying into Budapest arriving the night before the tour starts.


Hey everyone, I’ve created a Facebook Group if you’re keen to join - cheers :slight_smile:



Hey Guys! I’m also on this trip travelling with my sister, can’t bloody wait! It’ll be my third Topdeck tour, absolutely love them!


Hi guys! My best friend (Rachel) and I will be joining you all and we are soooo excited. It’s the first Topdeck tour for both of us so we don’t know what to expect but from what we hear it’ll be a great time! Any tips for us novice Topdeckers? :slight_smile:


Hey everyone Iam also on this tour from US, Cant wait to meet you all!