Eastern Escape 25 July 2010


Hi Everyone,

Im thinking of book this tour, was originally booked to go on the Eastern Rd tour through Contiki but it was cancelled. Would love to hear from anyone who is also thinking of going on this tour.


I’m going on the Eastern Escape on August 8. I have not heard from anyone going on any of the Eastern Escapes.


Hi, I’m going on the Eastern Escape on 25 July. Did you end up booking?


Hi Peeps,

I going on the Eastern Eascape - 25 July tour too.
Looks like it should be a good tour & I like the ‘explorer’ aspect.
Will be great to meet you, once in Berlin… Where are you coming from?
Are you travelling for a while prior to the trip, or start your travels on the tour?



Hi All,

Yes I did book this trip so will look forward to meeting you all soon!
I am from New Zealand and am currently travelling through southern USA before heading to Berlin. I think I am in Berlin two days prior to the tour starting and am staying that the Top Deck hotel. Is anyone else arriving early?


Hi Paula,

Yes I think I might arrive early at this stage, a day or more potentially.
We could alway meet up prior to the tour if your keen.


Does anyone book this tour? Coming July 25, two days later there was my birthday. I want someone to travel with me.


Hi Paula,

Let me know if you are definately going to be in Berlin early… it looks like I probably will be so we could meet up early if you are keen to do so.
Hope your travels in south USA are going well.



Hey Tiff,

Im flying out of New York on the 22nd July and arrive in Berlin on 23rd July. I can leave my details with reception so you can contact me if you would like to meet up. Alternatively you could email me on pauladaly55@hotmail.com and we could sort something out. Look forward to meeting you.


Hi Paula,

I sent you an email at your hotmail address.
check it out & will speak soon

Cheers, Tiff