Eastern Escape 2017/14May


Hey guys,

I’m wondering who will be joining my friend and I on this wonderful tour! I’m Emma, from Canberra, 24, and will be going with my friend, Jemma.

Looking forward to meeting you!!!


I’m interesting to join your group . So share all the detail how to join group.


Hi Emma & Jemma. I’m Hayley from the UK and I should be joining you. Are you arriving on 14th or earlier?


Hi Hayley! It’s nice to meet you. :slight_smile: We are arriving on the 14th from Helsinki.


Helsinki - that’s interesting! You Aussies always seem to make the most of your trips to Europe :smile: Look forward to seeing you on the 14th - have fun!


Hey Emma, I’m Elizabeth, I’ll be doing this tour starting the 14th and I was just wondering if you could help. I’m just wondering about currencies. What kind of travel card do you use? If any. Not all the currencies are available on my card and the bank has told me about possibly just using AUS$ or US$, but I was wondering how others were doing it?


Hi Elizabeth. Nice to meet you. Funny enough I just went and got my travel card today. I got mine from the Commonwealth bank. I can preloaded the set currencies, but then I can use the card like normal at an eftpos machine or atm and Commbank will just change the money over in reall time.

Sorry. I’m hopeless at explaining this.


Hey ladies, I’m Jemma (going with OP Emma), I’m 26 from Brisbane Australia. In regards to currency, I am getting about half in local currencies then using a citibank debit card because it has way less fees than my regular debit card. I decided against a travel money passport as it charges you for using currencies you can’t preload.

Very excited for our trip! Not long now!


Hey guys! I literally just booked this tour on a total whim so I’m all of a sudden super excited! I’m 26 from Australia but have been living in the UK and it’s time to go home now, so I thought I’d travel a bit first. It’s just little me so would love to connect with y’all before we get there - I fly in the day before.
Laura x


Heeey Laura!

Feel free to add me on Facebook if you want. Jem and I have weekly count downs going Haha. The excitement is getting more and more each week. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Kirstin from Australia and I’m going to be on this tour with you girls. I just arrived in Budapest a few hours ago and keen to meet everyone when you all get here.