Eastern escape 16th of july- 29th of july 2017


Hey guys,
Just because I am super excited about this, I want to know who are the lovely people that will be joining me on this wonderful tour!
I’m Lana, from Sydney, 22, and will be going with my best m8, Corinne who is super!
Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi Lana!!
Im Charliee, 21 and coming from the sunshine coast. Cant wait to meet you guys :slight_smile:
Have you been to Europe before ? x


Hey dude keen to meet you! Yeah I only went to London and Amsterdam but this tour is going to awesome!


Hey guys I’m considering coming on this but I’m a little nervous as it will be my first time travelling solo - is anyone else going solo? :slight_smile:


Hi Emma!
I’m coming on this trip alone and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people are in the same boat. Just book !! I’ll see you there :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,
I’m Jason, 25 from Melbourne, I will be attending this tour as well and am also travelling solo. Would anyone else be in Europe before the tour? :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

I’m Doug, Travelling from Melbourne by myself. This is my third Topdeck trip and its super fun. I am doing the Balkan Explorer before this trip.
have you guys downloaded the Topdeck app? there we can have a group chat once you put your booking details in