Eastern Adventure/Mega European June & July 13!


Hi there,

A friend and I have just booked the Eastern Adventure departing Athens on June 30th 2013!

This will be our 1st Topdeck experience and we cannot wait to explore the hidden gems of Eastern Europe and meet new people :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the Eastern Adventure forms the last 30 days of the Mega European, so is there anybody else out there who has booked either the Mega European or the Eastern Adventure for around these dates?

It would be great to share a drink in Athens with people on this tour!

Happy travels everyone!



Hi Zara,

Ive booked the Mega European departing the 2 July 2013. I’m travelling solo so it would be great to meet other people.

so pumped to be going as this is my first time travelling to Europe and with Topdeck.

Hope to be able to catch up for a drink in Greece ;D


Hi Zara! I did the same tour (Eastern Adventure) last May and I had to join the group in Athens! It was awesome! You have to prepare your social skills tho, 'cause you’re gonna join a group that has been travelling together for 3 weeks. I remember I was the first “new girl” to join the crew, I was by myself, and with the language barrier (I’m a native French speaker from Quebec, Canada), I had to work extra hard to catch up with the inside jokes and funny stories that happened before I was there! Just be easy-going, go talk to everyone even if they’re already divided into ingroups (my trick was to change dinner table for the first week), and everything should be fine! Everyone one is supposed to be just like you on this tour so it’s pretty easy to bond!

I only have one disappointment about the tour… We didn’t spend enough time in the Balkans cities (Sarajevo, Beograd, etc.) With only one night in each, that makes a lot of bus travel for only a few hours in such great cities… We usually leave around 8am, spend the day in the bus and arrive to the hotel/hostel around 5pm… Then you check-in, take a shower or try to do your laundry, meet in the lobby for dinner and then go out around 9-10pm… And if you want to go te bed early, you don’t get to see the city at all! I wish I knew before booking the tour… But I would have gone anyways! Haha! Just trying to find something to complain about!! :slight_smile:

You’re gonna have a great time! Enjoy!



Hi Myriam,
I’m looking at booking the Eastern Adventure for May 4 2013, i was wondering if you had any other advice about this trip? Anything you would do differently? And packing wise how did you go about that? Was it worth the money etc, those kind of questions!
Thanks so much,


Hi Tammy,

Does that mean we will be on the same tour then? If that’s the case then drinks in Greece definitely are definitely in order! I’m going with a school friend of mine called Nikola and we’re so pumped! We were hoping to get on the Mega European but our short-lived uni break wouldn’t allow it :frowning: Never mind, we will be joining the party in Athens for sure!

Myriam, thank you for the advice! We will definitely take that on board :slight_smile: It is a shame that there will be some cities that we won’t get much time in but I suppose that just gives us an excuse to go back! :slight_smile: Glad to hear that you enjoyed the trip overall!


Hi Zara,

Well, if your tour meets with the mega European then hopefully we will be able to meet in Greece. The mega starts on the 2nd July and returns to London on the 19 August.

Ive just booked everything today, are you staying at the clink? If so maybe we could meet before you set off.

The mega euro will be the start of my trip then i will be backpacking around on my own. Shame you only have limited time coz we could continue the party :slight_smile:



Hi girls!

ChelseaLauraa, you’re gonna have a great time doing the tour in May! It’s not the touristic peak yet and it’s not so warm outside! Perfect timing!

As for packing, I used a 50L backpack. Easier to carry around when you’re travelling on your own (I went by myself after the tour). But if I only travelled in the Topdeck bus, I would have brought a suitcase. It is easier to pack and to find things in it. Since you are packing and unpacking every 1 or 2 days, it is more handy! I think the girls on tour brought way too much stuff in their suitcases! My backpack kept me from bringing my hair dryer, 3 pair of shoes and 15 different outfits. Yes, I had less clothing options than the girls, but I could deal with it. Don’t forget that the more you bring, the less you can buy! And you always have a roommate to lend you a hair dryer or a cute belt to match your outfit! Though, I wish I brought at least two “classy” outfits, because I only had one cute dress and the rest was all casual wear. For a reason I still don’t understand, the girls liked to get dressed up for dinner… I was feeling a bit underdressed in my jeans and tshirt, but no one snobbed me!! Hahah!

For the price, I know it is quite expensive, but it’s really worth it! Don’t forget that all your hotels and almost all your meals are included! And you don’t have the stress to book a hotel, to book a train, to cross the borders on your own, because everything is taking cared of by Topdeck! You just sit on the bus and enjoy the ride with your friends!

Zara and Tammy, unfortunately you are not going to be on the same tour. The one Zara will join is the Mega European starting June 4 or 11. The Mega picks up new people in different cities like Rome, Athens, Istanbul and Budapest.

If you have any questions, just ask me! I’ll be pleased to answer! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice Myriam, hearing all that is just making me more excited to go! Ill keep everything in mind that you said! Now i just need to wait to see whos going on the trip! If i have anymore question though ill keep you in mind! Thanks again:)



Hi Myriam,

Just curious did you fly into heathrow or Gatwick airport? If so how long did it take you on the tube to the Clink hostel from the airport? did you find it easy to get around on your own? and did you feel safe to travel on the tube by yourself?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I landed in Athens because I was doing the Eastern Adventure instead of the complete Mega European. So I can’t answer your question, I’m sorry! :slight_smile: But you should check it out on Google Map, it is usually pretty accurate! I also downloaded an app called CityMaps2Go on my iphone! Pretty useful cuz you get to download your city maps when you’re on a wifi, and then you can use it without the 3G! It’s awesome! The app costs like 4$CAN, but it is the best 4$ invested in my life! You can search places, locate yourself and all that without using the 3G or being charged on your cellphone!


Hey Zara
I’ ll be on the mega that leaves June 4th :slight_smile:
A friend from Perth and Me from Auckland will be traveling together


Hey Zara

Myself (Natalie) from Auckland NZ and my friend Teleah from Perth AUS will be on the mega European that leaves on 4th June
Looking forward to meeting up with you :slight_smile:


Hi Zara,

I am on the Eastern Explore which is days 29-49 of the Mega European, same tour as you! (Ending on the 29th July in London right?) I meet you in Istanbul on the 9th :slight_smile: I’m travelling alone but I can’t wait!



I’m doing the mega europan on the 4th of june swell can’t wait


Hi everyone!

Great to hear from you all.

Nat and Catherine, unfortunately I have booked the tour that joins the June 11 Mega European departure so we won;t be on the same tour. If you take a look at the Topdeck Meet App though for the June 4th date, there are already many connections with people who will be on your tour! I hope you have an amazing time!

Rachel, we are on the same tour! We will be sure to save a seat on the coach for you :wink: I am so excited for Istanbul!

:slight_smile: Zara


Hey all!
We’re doing the eastern explore July 2-22 which joins up with the megaeuropean which departs on June 4th. Good to see there’s lots of aussies and kiwis haha. I look forward to meeting you all!


Hey Zara,

I will starting the Eastern Adventure Tour on June 30th as well!!
I arrive in Athens on the evening of the 28th and will be spending the extra two nights at the hotel included in the tour.

When do you arrive?


Hey guys, myself and best mate Shaun shall be joining you on the 30th in Athens for the Eastern Adventure tour ending on the 29th of July on our extended mid year uni hols.

We are so pumped and are counting down the days like I am sure most of you are too :wink: Just a heads up, the last night of the tour in Amsterdam coincides with Shaun’s 21st birthday… I’m in a dilemma whether to organise something prior to the tour or just going with the flow! Either way I am sure it will be memorable. Will be great to meet you all :slight_smile:


I’ve booked the mega European tour which starts from London 18/06/13, I’m flying solo can’t wait


Hi JillianP and Blake!

Great to see some more people who will be on the same tour!

My friend Nikola and I arrive in London on June 23rd, spending a few days there before flying to Santorini for a couple of nights, and then we will be in Athens on the 28th or 29th :slight_smile: JillianP, we are also staying at the Candia so we should definitely catch up before the tour if you want some travel buddies.

Blake, when do you and Shaun get to Athens? I’m keen for a 21st anytime, that’s awesome timing!

Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile: There’s also a group on the Topdeck Meet app with some people on out tour too, most are on the Mega European departing June 11th, but Nikola and I made a group under Eastern Adventure too.

Meg, we will just miss you as we are joining the tour starting June 11th, happy travels though! Jack, we just miss you unfortunately too but the June 4th departure seems to be full

Does anyone have any travel plans after the tour?

T minus 44 days until we leave and it can’t come soon enough :slight_smile: