Easter Amsterdam 2018


Hi, I am just wondering if anyone is planning on going on the Easter Amsterdam 2018 trip? I’m 27 and from the UK!


Hey Emma, I was thinking of booking this tour - Easter in Amsterdam 2018! I’d be travelling solo… Are you still planning on going? Whereabouts in the UK are you? I’m in London :slight_smile:


Hi! I have booked this tour now. Really looking forward to it! I’m in the South West area on the Dorset/Somerset border. :slight_smile:


Nice, congratulation in advance for your this amazing trip.


I’ve also booked onto this tour now… Looking forward to it too! :slightly_smiling_face: -Nicola


Hi! I have just booked onto this trip, I haven’t been to Amsterdam before and it’s my first group tour and I’m 24, slightly nervous! Is anyone else coming on their own?


Hi Louise, this is my first time to Amsterdam too, but my second Topdeck trip. Nervous too!! I will be on my own too :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I’m also on this trip, and I’m traveling alone as well. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but I’m excited! Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Is anyone staying the night before at the hostel?


Hi Ladies!
I have just booked this tour - Also a solo traveller, first time to Amsterdam and first time on a Topdeck tour. I look forward to meeting you all soon! :grinning:


Just booked this trip as well with my fiance! Can’t wait!!

Has anyone booked any excursions yet in Amsterdam - We’re thinking of going to Keukenhof!


Hi, My names Alishia im 27 this isn’t my first time with topdeck, but it is my first time to Amsterdam !!! So excited cannot wait to enjoy the city :slight_smile:

Havent booked anything yet but looks like anne frank museum is sold out already, I was looking at visiting the Van Gogh Museum, but ive read about the I amsterdam City Card, loads of free entrance, discounts and transport has anyone used this before?


I am, I just booked it, it’s the generator hostel right? :smiley:


Has anyone decided to get the I Amsterdam City Card?


Hi all. I’m Ben, another solo adventurer from the UK - first time in Amsterdam and with Topdeck… thought I’d escape the UK for a few days over Easter! Looking forward to it!