East meets West Sep 17th- 1st Oct 2018


Hi All.
I’m from Australia and am putting feelers out there to see if anyone else is going on this trip!? Looking forward to meeting you all! Not long to go now :smile:


Hi Jenny, I’m also from Australia (Newcastle) and I am seriously considering doing a trip like this at that time. Maybe even this trip. Are you already booked/confirmed on it? Not sure how to connect with you directly in a less public way here re our names and phone numbers, to discuss further. Any ideas(???)…otherwise we could do it via Facebook. Kate B.


Hi Kate.
Can I look for you on Facebook? That would be the easiest:) Jenny


Hi! We’re 3 guys from South Africa also going on this trip. :south_africa:
Can’t wait!


Hello Everyone!!! I´m looking to book this trip for next year?? could you tell me how was it?? I really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks in advanced!!!