East meets west 3rd August - 15th August 2016


Hi there ! :slight_smile:

Has anyone signed up from this trip which is starting in Budapest!

Looking forward to someone responding ! haha x



Hi Zhi,
I’m on this trip with you!
I’m a 21 year old solo traveller from Sydney :slight_smile:
Very excited for the trip! Not long to go now.
Are you travelling solo too?


Omg yay ! someone replied. So afraid none saw this.
Hi Nicole !
I am a solo traveller too travelling from the UK! Nice to meet you. When you arriving budapest (: ?


I arrive in Budapest on Tuesday the 2nd! How about you?


Ill be there from the 1st, where you staying before the tour ?


I’m staying at Wombats Hostel :slight_smile: you too?


Great ! Cause I am too! Thought it’s convenient and it looks not too bad. What time you arriving ? :smiley:
You excited yet ? heh


Oh awesome! Yeah seemed like the best option :slight_smile: I’m not too sure yet because I haven’t booked my train from Romania yet. Very very excited! Do you have Facebook, I’ll add you?


So your travelling from europe then ? So am i ! You travelling Europe alone ?
Yeah sure add me up, we can chat away (: - littlecutekitten@hotmail.com (dont judge) haha


heyy did you see my message ? (: