East Meets West 22nd June - 4th July. Part of Mega European starting on 17th May


Hi, I’m doing the East Meets West tour, starting in Budapest on 22nd June and was wondering if there was anyone else out there doing this? Also it’s part of the Mega European tour so if you’re doing that and are finishing in London on 4th July (starting on 17th May I think) then hit me up as well!



Hey Tori,

I am doing the 13 day East meets West tour starting on the 22nd of June. I’m traveling solo, how about you? Haven’t seen much about this tour on here yet, so this was a lucky find :slight_smile:



yay! Hi Nicole :slight_smile: Finally someone else! Yeah I’m solo travelling as well, I’m from England, how about you?


Ready for this? :open_mouth:


Can’t wait! Count down is on!


Sorry I didn’t get a notification about your previous message. I’m from Australia. Guess I’ll be seeing you soon :slight_smile:


that’s okay aha :slight_smile: I’m getting there a few days before so I get a proper look around Budapest, so excited!


That’s a good idea! I get into Budapest that morning of the tour so I’ll at least get the day to look around. I think I’ve definitely over packed. But can’t wait :slight_smile:


i haven’t even started packing yet so you’re already ahead of me! I’m definitely going to over pack though, I always do!


I definitely have so don’t worry lol. I leave tomorrow morning! My Facebook is Nikki Armoceda if you want to add me! See you soon :slight_smile:


Hey there I am on the mega European starting from 13th June… I wonder if we meet up with you guys???