Duffel bag as main luggage for Euroclub?


Hi, this is a question for admin and anyone else who can help!

I have a duffel/gym type bag, and was wondering if that would be suitable to use as my main luggage? The size of the bag is 62cm length, 35cm in width, 28cm depth and has a shoulder strap. On the EuroClub Grand European tour, will I need to be carrying around my main luggage heaps? If so I would look into purchasing a trolley type suitcase/backpack. If not, then I would prefer to take this duffel bag. I would also be bringing a day pack as my carry on.


Hi there,

The duffel bag sounds fine - just remember to stick to the 20kg limit.

The only times you will carry your bag during the trip is to and from the bus to your accommodation.

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Topdeck Team


Hi! A question for admin. I have a trolley bag that’s 57cm length about 35cm wide. Its made of fabric, NOT hard plastic, just want to confirm whether this is okay for this June’s Europe Express tour which I’m on? Thanks


hey!!! i purchased a bag on the weekend its a duffel style bag on wheels but its about 7 cms taller than the requirements…all the bags ive seen are about this size but smaller in the all size requirements. Just want to make sure my bag isn’t going to get rejected when i get there?


It’s the weight that gets checked… I wouldnt worry to much on size as long as its close, but your bag will go on scales so make sure your 20kg or under and you should be fine


Thanx for the info guys! Decided to go with the suitcase option after a rather disturbing yet informative salesman display of breaking into a backpack with a packing knife!!


I have a duffel bag on wheels, but it has just enough of a plastic frame on the back side to support the wheels. Will this be allowed on the Russian Revelations and Scandi Express trips?


hey guys, thoughts on this bag for european wonder/london travelling by myself - http://www.bagworld.com.au/shop/detail/high-sierra-at5-66cm-wheeled-backpack-blue-t2506/