Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik Sep 1st - 8th


I’m booked on this and riding solo. Who else is going during the 1st week of September? I’ll be arriving in Dubrovnik on Aug 31st and would be fun to meet some people and get drinks the evening before the tour starts.

Rich from NYC


Hi Rich, I’ve just booked this trip too. I’m flying in from the UK on the 31st and it’ll be cool to meet up with my fellow sailors!
Croatia looks beautiful and I can’t wait to have some fun and chill out :slight_smile:


Hey me and a mate are also on this tour so look forward to meeting you all. So amped for it!


Hi Kelly and Ryan,

Glad to see some others respond that will be on this same trip. Cool so i’ll be arriving on the 31st as well. I’m traveling solo on this one. Shoot me an e-mail and maybe we can arrange to meet the evening before the trip begins for a pre-departure drink or two :slight_smile:

finleyman12000@yahoo.com is my personal e-mail