Dubrovnik to Budapest july 9 2016


Is anyone else doing this tour starting on the 9th? Im a solo traveller from Adelaide, spending some time in budapest after as well!


Hi! I am doing the exact same, also a solo traveller from Pretoria:slight_smile:


Hi. I fly into Zagreb 21/6 & am just figuring out some travel in Croatia & then onto Budapest about the same time. So what are your plans exactly?
Oh by the way i’m a fun gal traveling solo from Sydney & i am over 50. You??


Doing the exact same! Solo traveler from Sydney, looking forward to meeting you guys :slight_smile:


Hi again. I was wondering if there are any other South Africans going on this tour and if so did you manage with your visas? I am struggling for Montenegro. Advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


Hey guys, I just got to Croatia at hotel ivka so if anyone else is here and wants to meet let me know!


Hi I’m at hostel euroadria for tonight, it’s close I think. Is there anywhere cool ( and cheap :joy:) near you? Could have a few drinks