Dubrovnik to Budapest (6th Aug 2016)


Hey! has anyone been on the Dubrovnik to Budapest or the all access Adriatic?

reviews? is travelling alone going to be fine?

has anyone booked into the Aug 6th one and considering going to Sziget after the tours over? or extending in Dubrovnik before and in Buda after?

Im turning my what was a quiet 4 weeks to visit fam to a epic europe summer trip ahaha :grin: :blush:


i went on the dubrovnik to budapest tour 2 years ago and i would highly recommend it :slight_smile:
stay a day or 2 before the trip starts in dubrovnik… and definitely stay in budapest after. I flew into dubrovnik the day before and didn’t get to see everything… as for budapest i stayed 3 nights and found that wasn’t enough either. sooo much to see and do in budapest :slight_smile:
ps i travelled alone, half the group were also solo travellers who stayed on in budapest with me. You will have no problem going alone!


I did the Balkan Explorer (starting and ending in Budapest) tour 2 years ago. There were a few people who ended their tour in Dubrovnik while others joined there. I love Dubrovnik! It’s rich in history and culture. There’s restricted traffic within the city walls so no worries. Yes, it’s a “Game of Thrones” filming location but there’s plenty to discover about the city.

Definitely stay on in Budapest after your tour ends. I stayed at the Hotel Gellert (the beginning and ending hotel) overnight; it’s a beautiful historic hotel. Plus you get free access to the famed baths as a hotel guest!

Lastly, book your hotels now so you’ll have a place to stay when you get there. :smiley:


My summer plans have recently changed and I feel like I’m scrambling to make new, more epic, plans.
I’m considering this tour run and doing Sziget afterwards.
It’s all about decisions and finances right now.


I’ve just booked this tour, if any of you guys are going aswell, let me know!


Hey, I will be on this tour. I went to Sziget last year by myself and think travelling alone will be fine :slight_smile:
I will be attending the last two days of sziget after the tour and I think you’ll find a lot of people will, it is an amazing festival. Happy to discuss it