Dubrovnik to Budapest 10th-17th September 2016



Is anyone else doing this trip? Let me know if you want to meet up before :slight_smile:



Hi @sroach15, I’m also doing this tour. I’m getting into Dubrovnik about midday on the 9th. I’m planning to do a kayak day tour of the islands off Dubrovnik on the 10th.

If you would be interested, I would love company.


Hi! @satie89, nice to meet you! I’m also getting in on the 9th! will be flying in from London GW - we could be on the same flight? Are you staying at Hotel Ivka on the friday night, before the trip starts on the Saturday?

Would definitely be up for meeting before-hand :slight_smile:


Hi @sroach15, no I’m flying in from Vienna. I’m staying at the Hotel Ville Angelina in Old Town for 1 night. Since I’m on my own, I wanted to be able to hang around the old town at night for dinner and drinks. Also Hotel Ivka was booked out for the 9th. Are you staying at the hotel?

Would love to meet up on the 9th after I get in for some sightseeing and maybe dinner in Old Town. Also if you are interested in the kayaking, let me know.


Hey, @satie89,

Yes I’m staying at Ivka on the 9th, then I think with the trip we stay there on the Sat night too. I just had a look on the map Ivka is about 8 min drive to old town, definitely up for doing that on the 9th. My flight gets in at about 13.30.

Shall we swap contact details? I’m not sure if you are able to private message on here? If not I will give you my Facebook so you can add me and I’ll send you my number.


Hi Sam. I sent you a private message with my Facebook details. Look forward to hearing from you.