Dubrovnik Dreams (Petrina) Aug 26th - 2nd Sep


Hey Everyone, just wondering who else is going on the Dubrovnik Dreams trip leaving the 26th of August.


Me! I am on that trip! :slight_smile:
How excited are you ??


I am very excited how about you?


I can’t wait , where else are you travelling ?


This is my first trip overseas so i am only doing this tour and having an extra day after the tour only on the 2nd in dubrovnik.


Wow nice one, it will be a trip to remember.
Bring on the sun!
Looking forward to meeting you then.


Bring it on this trip will be amazing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hey Tash i suggest if you have a smart phone download the topdeck app as there a few from our trip on there too


I think this trip will be very exciting for all of you.