Dubrovnik Dreams June 3rd 2017


Just wondering if anyone else has booked on dubrovnik dreams starting June 3rd? :slight_smile:


Yes @nikitajayne , a few of my mates and i are going that date :slight_smile:


Awesome! @Ashley_Walton! Where abouts are you guys from? :slight_smile:


Hey @nikitajayne me and my friend Sarah are going on this trip! We’re Canadians. Where are you from?


Hey @rachflear ! That’s awesome. I am from Australia :slight_smile: I’ll be travelling on my own. Are you guys doing anything before or after the tour?


we are from South Africa :slight_smile:


Awesome! I am arriving on June 1st and staying two nights before the tour starts :slight_smile:


Hi, I will be on this tour also! Also an Aussie flying solo! I arrive the day before the tour starts.


Hi Everyone! I just booked the final spot (what they told me) for this trip! I look forward to meeting everyone. I am currently living in Barcelona, Spain but originally from San Diego, California. Can’t wait!


Hey!! I’m visiting Barcelona for a week in July :slight_smile:
And I lived in San Diego for 6 months last year! haha Can’t waitttttt for the trip!