Dubrovnik Dreams - 2nd Sep - 9th Sep 2017


Hey! I just booked Dubrovnik Dreams from the 2nd - 9th of September. Is anyone else booked in? I’d love to hear from you. :slight_smile:


Hi Steph, hope you well. I am booking for this time as well! Just wanted to finalise which boat to choose? Any major difference between the two? (Dalvin and Petrina)


Hey Mahen;
I am not sure of the difference, except one has a few more ‘luxuries’ than the other. I went to my local travel agent who books things through topdeck and she booked the one she thought would suit my budget and needs best :slight_smile:


Hey Steph, hope you are having a stunning day. Perfect, I have booked for this tour during the 2nd-9th of September, really hope to kick back a few drinks with you before departure. When are you arriving in Croatia?


Hey, I’ve just booked onto this :smiley: really looking forward to it, something I’ve never done before :smiley:
When are people arriving in Dubrovnik?


Hey guys! :smiley: Nice to meet you!!
I am only getting to Dubrovnik the day before we leave, because we are going to Italy before that :slight_smile:
Tell me a bit about yourselves? I’d love to get to know you guys a bit before we meet!


Myself and my friend Rachel will be on the trip! We are coming straight from England on the Friday morning ready to board on the saturday :slight_smile:


Hey Emma,
Thats awesome, I’m so excited to meet you all :slight_smile: