Dublin Accommodation


Hi everyone,
Before our Topdeck tour starts in London, I’ll be spending 3 nights in Dublin with my boyfriend to check out a little piece of Ireland. I’m just wondering if anyone can recommend a hotel in the city for us?
Our travel agent suggested the Bridge House Hotel Dublin, except I’ve really only heard horror stories about this place. However, it is in a great area so it also might be worth the dodgy accommodation for the location of the hotel.
If anyone could either shed some light on the Bridge House for me, or even suggest a different place, I’d love to hear any feedback.


Never been to Ireland.

But found this place kind of near the hotel you are looking at on tripadvisor.
Ripley Court Hotel

Not too bad reviews :smiley:


I don’t know where the other area is but Topdeck is staying at Harcourt Hotel while I’m there and it looks pretty good!


Thank you both for your help! And thanks for bringing my attention to the Trip Advisor site, Shezarina! It’s quite informative!


We stayed in a hostel called Jacobs, which has really awesome twin and double rooms. It was quite central as well and had really nice (recently renovated) ensuite bathrooms.


Hey Sconny,
I think you’re right about Dublin accommodation being quite crap unless you’re really willing to shell out extra. I found some nice places, but all were way above what I was willing to pay, or too far away from the city.
The Bridge House Hotel seems to be getting mainly average reviews, but I’m kind of interested now. I think I’ll end up staying there anyway, and if it’s a dive, then bring it on. Cheers!