Hey guys,[br][br]I’m staying in Dubai for a few days on the way home. Anyone been? Any tips?[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


Me too!! My husband and I have a 3 day stopover on the way home. Cant wait!


Hi Mike,[br][br]Wow, a few days - you will get a lot done!! We only had a day and just went for a wander to the main city centre and then spent the rest of the time duty free shopping!![br][br][br][br]:wink: if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun[br][br]* Pamplona 6 Day Fiesta 2009[br]* Athens to London July 13 2009


We are there for 3 nights on our way home too, though I haven’t given much thought yet to what we will do! I figure shopping and visiting the desert maybe? Any other suggestions are more than welcome![br][br]Europe 10/08/2009 - 28/10/2009[br]European Emperor 20/08/2009[br]Bravo Italia 30/08/2009[br]


I will be staying for 2 nights also on my way home. I’m doing a dune safari and dinner which was highly recommended! They take you out in a 4WD into the desert, and you have dinner and entertained out there for a few hours with music and dance.


Hi,[br][br]I am staying 4 nights in Dubai also. I have booked three separate trips. Dune dinner is meant to be fantastic, city of merchants and east coast trip. Also staying at the Atlantis, it is pretty hexy but hey a water park and underwater world in the resort how could you pass it up.[br][br]Watch for the dates you travel. Ramadan is coming up for a month End of August to end of September! It finishes about 19th September. there are quite strict rules on eating & drinking in public during daylight hours. Also some of the tours are slightly modified eg no entertainment(belly dancers) and perhaps morning trips rather then afternoon. Have been advised that most shops wont open until dark, but are then open all night. Heaps of info on the Emirates website or dubai tourist website.[br][br]Putting all this aside i am sure it will still be an amazing place to visit, and it gives us all a chance to experience a different culture.[br][br]happy travels[br][br]Spirit of Europe Aug 18 2009