Drinking/Partying atmosphere on Tour


Hey all,

I am a 22yr old, female, Aussie considering doing a Topdeck camping or club trip but am worried about not fitting in with the group because I don’t drink. I am thinking that the camping and hostel tours probably attract a younger group age where this would be more of a problem, but they also look like the most interesting trips(and are cheaper :wink: ). So i would appreciate hearing from any one who has been on a Topdeck tour about whether they are hugely focused on getting completely wasted? Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to join in with the group and occasionally go out and have a good time, but because I don’t drink(for medical reasons) I don’t really like the sound of being stuck with a load of drunk people all the time.


Hey my partner and I are doing hotel tour with topdeck in June. I have heard you get a lot of older people and couples on the hotel tours. Less likely to get 18 year old planning on nightclubbing every night. In saying that I guess could still happens, depends on your group. But I would hate to spend my one day in a European city hungover or on a full day bus ride!


Hey! I’m a 22yrd old Aussie as well :slight_smile: I’m going on a camping trip in August (Eastern Pathways).
I don’t drink a lot and definitely don’t plan on going out to drink every night of the tour. I’m sure there will be others as well who won’t go nuts every night, so I’m thinking i’ll just go out with everyone if i want to or i’ll do my own thing with anyone else who wants to join me.
Come on this tour and we can not drink together hahah


Hey There
I’m 29 from Melbourne and although my trip to NZ isn’t the trip your thinking of, I can definitely say I was worried to as I was travelling solo and also don’t drink, but I had a great time. My group was great, they were mostly couples and also slightly older as in around my age. We did a club stop which I chose to sit out and that was fine.
Everyone was great so I wouldn’t let that stop you. Most of the group I was with didn’t go out drinking anyway.
Hope this helps


Hey I’m a 20 YR old male and I went to Europe last June I did the Road to Athens tour and partying isn’t a big thing, yeah we go to pubs for a couple for a few days but we also do the touristy stuff, our only big nights were in Mykonos which we were there for 3 days and it’s where I celebrated my bday