Drinking on Tour?


We are looking at doing the Summer Fun and Sailing Tour next year and I was wondering if on the tour everyone goes out drinking every night? And does Topdeck have the reputation like that of Contiki?[br][br]I just am unsure if will be able to back up a hard night of drinking, then with only little sleep to sit on a bus the next day and go site seeing?[br][br]Are people excluded that do not want to go out every night drinking?[br][br]Thank you for your responses.[br]


not at all - sure there are big drinkers on every trip (i’ve been on 2, booking a 3rd soon). but then you’ll have people that drink only on certain nights like me and even some that don’t touch a drop of alcohol in the whole trip.[br][br]none are excluded…even if you don’t drink at all - but i still would suggest at least joining the group on nights that you don’t drink - better then just going to bed.[br][br]my usual thing was - most places were 2 nights, so the first night i might of had a big drinking night, then the next night - not much, if at all cuz we drove the next day. it didn’t always work that way but never was excluded, etc when i didn’t drink at all :slight_smile: plus you just sleep on the bus anyway, never too much of a problem![br][br]don’t even worry - will be the best time you have ever had![br][br]Europe Unplugged 7/08 * Alps & Matadors 6/09 * Hopefully Athens to London and Egypt Express 7/10 :slight_smile:


Noone is excluded. As Chris says, there are big drinkers, moderate drinkers and non-drinkers, as there always would be with groups of people this sort of age, and there is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.[br][br]I didn’t drink much on the tour I did, usually just made 1 drink last most of the night. Partly because I’m not much of a drinker and don’t really like it much, and also partly because it was expensive and I preferred to use my money for souvenirs and entrance fees. If you did want to have a heavy night then I’d probably recommend it was a night before a full day bus journey, because then you can sleep on the bus and won’t really miss anything. You might prefer to feel ok for your full free days in places.[br][br]I will also say as for the supposed reputation of Contiki, I also did a tour with them on the same trip and found absolutely no difference between them and Topdeck aside from the name on the side of the bus.


the reputation of topdeck compared to contiki is that topdeck is just better :)[br][br]don’t forget it![br][br]Europe Unplugged 7/08 * Alps & Matadors 6/09 * Hopefully Athens to London and Egypt Express 7/10 :slight_smile:


I second that Chris! Topdeck all the way ;D[br]With regards to drinking, exclusion everything like that, it depends entirely on the people you are travelling with. No 2 tours are the same. For the record I had the best group, had a few serious drinking sessions- if you go to Venice save yourself for the Toga party- made some life long friends and had the time of my life![br][br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


Hey,[br]my partner and i just finished the eupopean wonder trip and we dont drink at all…we still had an awesome time, hung out with the best crew of people and had loads of fun. 2 others didnt drink at all on our trip either and a few others that didnt drink to much. you will only be excluded if you choose to be. we still hung out with everybody most nights for a little bit but made sure we got to bed at a reasonable hour so we could do heaps of stuff the next day. eveybody did a lot of sleeping on the bus to catch up on sleep. even us. your going to have an amazing time. ENJOY![br][br]European Wonder 27th Aug 09