Dressing in Egypt


Hi everyone,
Im heading to Egypt on the Pyramids and Beaches tour in July, the middle of summer! Cant wait for Egypt but not looking forward to the scorching heat :stuck_out_tongue: I was just wondering what would be the best clothes to wear for a female, both in the cities and in the beach resorts. I don’t want to wear anything innapropriate and offend anyone, nor do I want to attract too much unwanted attention!
I’m hearing mixed things, some people have told me to cover up completely, full arms and legs, where others have said that short sleeved tops and long shorts/ skirts are appropriate…
Any tips from anyone thats been there will be much appreciated!
Cheers guys :slight_smile:


Hi Amy,

I haven’t been to Egypt, but i have traveled around the middle east and the dress code appears to be the same everywhere in the middle east. I’m going to Egypt in august (also in the middle of summer) so I have confirmed this with family and friends who have traveled to Egypt and they agreed.
My advice is that you don’t need to wear long pants or long sleeve tops (but you can), it’s too hot for that. You can get away with wearing knee length short/skirt/dress and a top which not low cut or midriff. I’d recommend shorts/tops made from cotton and try to have lighter colored clothing as they absorb less heat. In beachy areas, you can get away with wearing shorter and more revealing clothing (like singlets) because it is mainly tourists there and it’s not an uncommon sight but if you’re out and about in beachy areas i recommend covering up a bit more.
Like I said, I’m also going to Egypt in the middle of summer so this is what I’m going to pack in terms of clothes:
-knee length shorts (a couple are jeans material and one is cotton)
-Shorts that are a little shorter than knee length
-T-shirts, tank tops, a singlet or 2
-Swimwear: bikini, board shorts, sarong, beach shirt (using the sarong and beach shirt to cover up getting to and from the pool/beach to the resort). I might also pack my other swimmers which are a bit more covered up.
-skirts (a denim one and cotton knee length one- not sure if I’ll wear these, but figured they’re good if I’m going out at night)
-A knee length dress (also for nights out and it’s not low cut)

I hope this list helps. I tend to be a bit of an over-packer, I like to pack for all occasions . You don’t need to pack that much, it really depends on you. Just keep in mind that in cities, it’s best to be a bit more covered up (enough to cover your chest and thighs, you don’t need to be covered from head to toe) if you don’t want to attract unwanted attention and in beach areas, you can wear more revealing clothes.

Have a nice trip :slight_smile:


I went to Egypt last year with my fiance and 4 of our friends. I took a mixture of light long pants (the ones you get from surf stores) and knee length shorts! t-shirts and also my short shorts and singlets for dahab. Being female and from a western country you do get noticed more anyway - but just ignore and keep walking! you will love it - Cairo is a real eye opener - the place is such a busy fast place - amazing! dont forget to eat a bowl of koshery - yummy egyptian dish with pasta, lentils, fried onion and tomatoe and other stuff - delicious!


Hey guys, thanks for the advice!!! Im getting excited, not long now !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: