Down South and Outback


Hi, I’m Frank,
First time post and first time doing a Topdeck Tour solo!
Are there any people doing the Down south and Outback in June starting in Alice heading south to Melbourne?
Keen to meet some of you thinking of doing this adventure :slight_smile:


Hi Frank,my name is Yvette & ill be doing the ‘outback gem’ portion of your tour. This will be my first topdeck trip in Australia & im travelling with my cousin. You should log into the app,there’s 3 others already on there.


Hi Yvette,
Where abouts are travelling from?
Ive logged into the app but only found 1 person on there. Your name didnt come up. Must be because your trip is, in a way, different from mine. Who knows but hello anyway :slight_smile:


I live in Brisbane,Australia so I don’t have far to travel to get to Alice Springs. How about you? Shame about the app :pensive: It worked for the 2 portion trip I did in America last year.


Huh, small world. Im from Brisbane too. A South
Sider. Maybe I may have missed something when looking for the group chat??
Its crazy how pricey it is to fly to Alice Springs, right?


Definitely a small world. I’m on the Northside. Who knows, we might even be on the same flight out to Alice :joy:. Are you going to watch the desert race? Yes they were ridiculously expensive but as of August Jetstar is flying out that way so it might get a bit cheaper. So what made you pick an Aussie outback tour?


Oh nice! Well if youve booked your flight with Qantas on the 10th of June then we might come across eachother.
Desert race? Is this in Alice?
If Jetstar couldve started flying to Alice now that would be great.
I chose this tour as Ive not yet seen Uluru, or been so far out west. Just keen to see more of my home country. What about you, what made you choose the Outback Gem?


Haha yes,same flight & yes the Finke desert race is on in Alice that weekend. I booked for much the same reason as you. Ive seen quite a bit of America the last 2 years so I decided it was time to explore more of my own backyard. I’m a country girl at heart so Outback gem & June was my pick.


Nice, so i got someone to talk to during the flight :slight_smile: I think ill check out this race too. Would it be happening on the day we get into Alice?
You have to see more of your own country before expanding out to the world, well thats what I think seeing as there is so much our country has to offer.
How was the trip to America? I havent been…yet.


I don’t fly so well so I’ll be the shivering mess curled up next to a window (at least I have a sense of humour about it). I have family & friends scattered along the east coast of Australia & ive stayed on a farm in rural WA, so I’ve seen a few places. I’ve just not ventured to NT or SA-yet. So you mentioned earlier that this is your first solo topdeck trip,perhaps I misunderstood,I thought you meant you’d done other topdeck tours but this was your first time doing one on your own. Have you seen much of Australia? I did Topdeck’s southern charm in 2016 solo & then their 26day coast to coast in 2017 with a friend.


Oh no! Thats no good. I might be able to help reassure you with flying as I use to do flight training.
Good that you can have a laugh about it though :slight_smile:
Lucky you being able to see a fair amount of the eastern coast and staying on a farm. Actually Im almost the same. Done a few road trips and have family friends who have a fairy farm in Victoria.
Ive been to NSW, VIC and NT…so far.
Nope, never done a topdeck or even contiki tour yet. This will be my absolute first.
So I take it that you kinda like topdeck tours? Haha


A fairy farm,I can honestly say I’ve never been to one of those :thinking::joy:. I chose topdeck because they have a good reputation & the guides have great inside knowledge. I liken the tours to an adults version of school camp-limited planning & responsibilities. Its a nice break from the usual ‘adulting’.


Hahaha! I did not realise i said fairy. I meant dairy farm. Haha.
I went topdeck because its less party and more explore and adventure. Im not one for just partying.
I enjoy exploring and adventure.
It’ll be good to not have to adult for a bit haha!


I won’t lie,I did have a good giggle at the fairy farm. I’m much the same as you when it comes to partying. I enjoy a drink or two & im definitely a pub not club girl. I don’t want to waste half a day feeling sorry for myself,I want to be out exploring.


Haha well im glad you had a damn good giggle. Best typo ever!
Pubs and bars are better than clubs and so much cheaper!
Thats it! Im more of a social drinker, and would rather not render the next day a write off.
Just so keen to see what the proper outback is like. Should be a great trip.