Doing two tours that both go to Budapest


Hi all,

I am considering doing two Topdeck tours, the Romans to Vikings and the All-access Adriatic because I can’t find a singular tour that goes to all the places I want to see. The only problem is that they both go to Budapest, Hungary. Is it a waste of time and money to go to the same place twice, like do you have to go through the same walking/driving tour, same activities, same bars etc. twice or are you able to do things on your own? Has anyone else been through this, and if so do you think it is worth it?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I had exactly the same problem two years ago with my Eastern Escape and Balkans Explorer tours. Each had 2 nights in Budapest. Before going I thought I would get bored, but by the time we were leaving I was glad I would be going back! It’s a big city with a lot of things to see and both my groups split up into a lot of different directions so I just went different places each time. We did do a driving tour both times, but that was brief the night we arrived. It might be a little bit different depending on how much time you have there, since I was on explorer tours, but there was plenty of free time to go out on our own.


I went on the East Meets West tour and stayed in Budapest for 3 days before I met up with everyone else, by the time I left after 4/5 days I still had things left to to there. It’s a beautiful city and there is honestly so much to do. As places to spend time in, Budapest is a good one to go to