Doing Topdeck Hotel tour


I am doing a tpodeck Hotel tour and was wondering if I need to bring a towel and/or sleeping bag/blanket?


Hi Bel,

I would definitely bring a towel. Beach towels take up a lot of space, so the camping towels are great not only for showering, but also around pools and beaches. You won’t need a sleeping bag in the hotel tours.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Do you think I need to bring a hair dryer and straightner? Just wondering if the hotels have decent hairdryers thats all??? Or should I not even bother with them???

Need advice!!!


Hey Bel82

I took my hair straightener and hair dryer with me on my travels. You can buy lightweight travel versions which I might recommend.


Jen :smiley:


Hin, Have just completed a hotel tour. Didnt really need a towel as they provide them (well mine did, i did the britain and ireland) and as for sleeping sheet dont need it at all;. Or toilet paper. hahaha i was stressing bout all the lil bits n pieces but being on a hotel tour they provide you with all the comforts.


Yeah I wasnt sure about straightners or hairdryers. Might buy a little travel hairdryer and thats just going to have to do I think. I think I will take a microfibre towel along as we travelling around after the tour!


You would probably only need a beach towel for the beach… the hotels provide them.

Some of the hotels don’t have hairdryer - so bring one if u must!


Topdeck Hotel is good to live. In the trip are pretty much driving, so bring things to do for on average 8hrs. and that night you usually get dinner, perhaps do a short tour as it stays light for ages, then go out till late. by the end of the trip i was pretty exhausted, it takes alot out of you, you need a holiday to recover from your holiday.