Doing the trip alone?


Hi there,[br][br]I am doing one of the Winter Wonder Tour. Originally, I was going to do it with my best friend however things came up and now I am doing it on my own. [br][br]I have already posted a post on here to see if anyone else is doing the same tour as me, however have had no replies yet. So does anyone know any other ways to find out how to converse with others who may be on the same trip as you and also does anyone have any stories of their own when they did it on their lonesome and was able to meet people there!?[br][br]Looking forward for some feedback![br][br]I’m doing the 14 Day Winter Wonder Trip![br][br]POSITION VACANT: A tour friend (I’m going lonesome!)


Hi Pauline,[br]Wish I could say I was going on this trip with you…Travelling with Topdeck is fantastic. I travelled solo on my first Topdeck trip in May and discovered that hardly anyone had heard of the Topdeck forum. Most people book through travel agents and don’t specifically get told about the website. I only got in contact with 2 people from my tour before it started. Not that this mattered, apart from 4 couples and 3 girls travelling as friends, everyone else was solo and we all became pretty close friends by the end of the trip. It was SO easy to make friends.[br]Don’t worry, when does your tour leave? Someone may find the forum just before you leave, the only other places to check (you may not have much luck) are travel websites like Bugbitten or Getjealous although these are more blog sites then community forums.[br]Hope this helps, have an awesome trip[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009[br]Hogmany Edinbrugh 30 Dec 2009


hey[br][br]i’m doing a winter wonder tour as well any on my own![br]i’m going on the 13th Dec, but i’m sure there will be lots of other ppl in the same boat. i’m trying not to worry about it either but i’m sure things will be fine and everyone will get along.[br][br]:slight_smile:


Hey[br][br]Having just split my boyfriend I’m doing a trip alone next month too so can identify with how you feel but have spoken to friends who have done trips like this and know that at least half of the people going usually travel solo - have fun![br][br]Hayley[br][br]Hayley


Thank you so much Crissy, Anisha & Hayley.[br][br]Im starting to count down till I go. Im reading up on the places where the tour is stopping. I will take all advise on board and I’m sure I’m going to meet so many people on the trip. [br][br]I’m also doing London for a week prior to my trip and also have 10 days around Europe on my own after the top deck tour as well. And after that I’m off to Asia to do Philliphines, Vietnam and Thailand.[br][br]So all together I’m gone for over 3 months. This is my first time travelling, so I am nervouse but very excited and I cannot CANNOT wait!!![br][br]I’m doing the 14 Day Winter Wonder Trip![br][br]POSITION VACANT: A tour friend (I’m going lonesome!)


Hey Guys,[br][br]Although I’m not traveling the same time as you pauline, I am looking at traveling in April/May. I’m bout to finish uni and taking a year off to travel but none of my mates have the cash as most people can relate to, so I’ve decide that I have to do it now or I’ll never do it but neva travelled let alone by myself. So if anyone has any advice or can recommend a good tour. [br][br]At this stage I’m looking at the 2010 6 day patrol for ANZAC day then looking at either the: [br]Europe Uncovered (Leaving 5th of May 2010)[br]Discover Europe ( Leaving either the 27th of april or 11 May)[br]Spirit of Europe ( Leaving either the 27th of april or 4 May) [br][br]So if anyone is thinking the same trip or has booked or even as been and can recommend that would be great. Basically anything will help![br][br]Anthony (Aus)


Hi Anthony,[br][br]Great to hear your starting to plan a trip! I am in a very similar situation to you.[br][br]I have been working fulltime basically since I finished yr 12 and I am 22 at the moment. Its always been in my mind to travel but there was a point at the beginning of this year that I got sick of contemplating and went ahead and started setting things into place. [br][br]Overall I’m travelling for 3 months, and the 14 days with Top Deck is only a small portion of my trip. Im spending a week in London before the Top Deck Tour and another 10 days in Europe on my own after that where I have planned to go to Prague and some other places in Italy. THEN after that I’m also heading to Asia to visit Philliphines, Vietnam and Thailand. [br][br]I have my amazing boyfriend who I have lived with for the past 2 years that I am going to be leaving behind because he is stuck here in Australia with Uni. For the time I am in Europe, I will be on my own. Which is a big step for me; because like yourself, I have never travelled before let alone travel on my own. I was initially going to do the Europe part of my trip with my best friend however she wasnt able to afford it at the end. But I have kind of changed my track of thoughts the last few weeks and am getting excited to travel on my own. Of course like anything it has its pros and cons.[br][br]So…where abouts are you in Australia? I live in Newcastle/Port Stephens. Would be great to keep chatting to help each other out for our trips!!![br][br]I’m doing the 14 Day Winter Wonder Trip![br][br]POSITION VACANT: A tour friend (I’m going lonesome!)


Hi all,[br][br]I did the spirit of europe in august 09 and had the time of my life. I travelled alone and had never even made an international phone call before. I LOVE topdeck, have just booked greek island hopping and croatia sailing for august 2011 (also alone) because I think they were just fantastic. The trip leader and bus driver were really friendly and I met so many wonderful people. Probably half our tour were travelling alone and even those who weren’t included themselves as part of the group. For those of you thinking of doing Spirit of Europe this was a great way to see so many wonderful cities and every minute was worth it, I definitely recommend it.


aug 08 it was. typo. :slight_smile:


Hi Guys.[br][br]Did 47 Day Mega European Camping trip in June This year.[br]Had an absolute blast on the tour and met some amazing people.[br]Also travelled alone, and that was probably the best decision i ever made. That, and none of my mates either wanted to go or could afford it, or had already seen most of europe. Also was my first time out of Australia. [br]I did chat to a couple of people on the forum before the tour, and of them started a facebook group as well which we all joined by the end of the tour. If you are worried about travelling alone on the tour, dont be. as quite a lot of people are in the same boat. but i would definitely recommend if you can organise it, meeting with a few people from your tour beforehand. I met 4 people the night ebfore the tour at a pub near the hostel the tour leaves from. We had only messaged each other on the forum or facebook beforehand. But it was a great thing to do. And to be honest, it did make the first day of the tour a lot less stressing so to speak, as you already kinda knew a couple of people. And we were pretty much our own little group for the entire tour. Not to say you always only hang out with the same people, after all, everybody on the bus is there for a good time. the best thing about being a solo traveller is you can do whatever you want without having to worry about what your partner might want to do, if you are travelling with a partner. [br]Best thing to do is keep checking the forum every so often and you will find people jumping on tehre posting messages about the same tour you are on.[br]Have a blast. Rob.


Hi Pauline,[br]I’m from Adelaide Australia, thats my facebook if ya wanna add me. I’ve been told about a discover europe expo that is on in adelaide this weekend where I can save a bit of cash so heading to that you should see when its on in NSW. may have already been tho. But deff let me know if ya hear anything worth knowing.[br][br][br]Just another question for the people out there, I have been speaking to a few friends and they were saying that there are alot of couples that do top deck? can anyone give me an insite into what type of people do top deck tours? because after all its the people you meet that make the trip!


Hey Stazz[br][br]Im doing the European getaway next may with my boyfriend and although we are travelling together we both want to meet new people and make new friends. From what ive heard its a good mix of couples and singles, and besides everyone is on the trip to have fun so im sure whatever tour you choose you’ll have a great time with the people around you.[br][br]Jess :o)


Hi all! I’ve just returned from the European Escape tour and had an absolute blast. I travelled with my cousin but there were quite afew people that travelled alone. There were some couples on our tour, and others who knew each other before the trip started. Topdeck’s official policy is for single sex rooms, so couples are guarenteed to share a room, although on mine they did. It didn’t matter though because everyone mixed with everyone else. My tour joined one which had already been going for 16 days. I was glad to have my cousin then because at first it was a little intimidating. But everyone was super friendly and welcoming- they’d been in our newby position too! I wouldn’t hesitate to travel solo with Topdeck next time :slight_smile:


Ooops! sorry that should read couples AREN’T guarenteed to share a room.


Do it on our own !! You meet mates for life !! I am currently living the 3 people from my tour. Mates just get into argument, as you live out of each others pockets !! [br]ONE PIECE OF ADVICE… [br][br]TALK TO EVERYONE !!