Doing Grand European next yr? Any questions ask!


Hey all

Did Grand European this year so if you are thinking about doing it and got questions might be able to help!

Was an amazing tour so would recommend it too all!!



I am doing this tour with 2 friends in May 2012.

Any tips you could give us?

Thanks, :slight_smile:


Take a travel pillow for the bus, you will need sleep on the bus. iPod is a must, long days on the bus! And a four point plug coz some of the places have limited power points. In one place we had one plug for four people!!

Mmmmm… anything specific??


How about laundry? Find a laundromat or do your own, the old school way? :slight_smile:


How much spending $ per day do you recommend taking?


Cass72- most places we stayed at had some washers and driers, others didn’t. So basically take your opportunities to do it. Did it the old school way a couple of times though, just to get you by for a couple of days! Good places from memory to do it were, Switzerland, Barcelona, Florence, Prague. The hostels are the best places because they do seem to always have them.

Tina- I budgeted 100 euros a day to be on the safe side. Only spent around 65 a day. Depends on if you do all the optionals, I did most of them. Apart from the Skydiving in Switzerland and the ones in Austria (which were quite expensive). Having lots of included meals really helps! Plus our tour leader knew the cheap bars! So to answer the question, I reckon if you are careful 60 euros a day, but around 80 should be enough.



Thanks for offering to give advice and feedback… It’s great! :slight_smile:

I know there are some long distances to cover, but how many hours do you think were normally spent on the bus on the traveling days? Were these broken up with a few stops along the way?

What was the accommodation like? Was it all out of town? If so were you given enough time to look around all of the cities on the free days before catching the bus back to the accommodation?

What were the main age groups on the bus… I’m 25 - would that make me old?

Any advice you could give would be great!

Thanks, Lauren


thread bump - interested to read what Smite has to say to Lauren’s post! My sister and I are doing the Grand Euro in May '12 :slight_smile: muchly excited!


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bump I too wanna hear what the reply to Lauren’s post is :slight_smile:



Is anyone planning/booked this tour for May 2012? Im considering it. I’m 23 and from Sydney and would be travelling by myself (first time solo!)
What are your plans before/after



Hey all! Sorry, I haven’t checked the forum and for some reason I’m not getting the emails!

Anyway, to answer questions:
It really depends on how far you have to travel in the day. Usually it was about 7 hours I would say. Some were longer, the first day to Paris was about 9 hours and from Berlin to Amsterdam was similar. We had a 15min break after 2 hours then a half hour lunch break after another 2 and another 15mins 2 hours after that. To be honest, you get use to the long drives and you it is a good chance to have a sleep haha!

Accommodation overall was really good, most of it is a bit out of town/main attractions. Differently will have enough time to do things. Paris as an example we were dropped off about 9am and we had until 7pm when dinner was. A number of places we were given bus/train passes so we could do what we wanted, if we wanted to go in early or late and then come back late, they did that because the drivers have to have a certain number of hours break so on the free days in general we made our own way. But our tour leader was awesome and told us which buses etc to catch!

Nah, 25 is not old at all! I’m 24 and the average age was 24 so it is fine! Think our age range was between 18 and 36(?). Everyone got on pretty well so age wasn’t a problem.


I’m doing the eastern wanderer part of this trip, so Rome to Berlin. Was there anyone who joined part way through your trip?

Also how long did you spend in Lake Bled? I know it’s only one of the small part day stops but it’s one of the main reasons that I chose this one.

thanks heaps


Yeah there was, I think there was 6 or 7 that left us when we got to Rome and we gained 8 in Rome.
A couple hours in the morning after our night in Slovenia, it was amazing- differently one of my favourite parts of the tour, even though one of the shortest!


this might be a question for Admin but when the tour was in Paris, did Topdeck cover the entry fee to go up the eiffel tower or did you guys have to line up and buy tickets when you got there?


Nah you have to pay for entry to Eiffel Tower, and queue up… I found going up Arc de Triomphe better than the Eiffel Tower, less people and just as amazing views. But you have still gotta do Eiffel Tower!!


Hi there! This is great, thanks for answering questions.
My partner and I are wanting to book the Eastern Express that joins in Rome… did you end up befriending the ‘newbies’, or was it a bit awkward?

Thanks, Katie.


Yeah definitely befriended the newbies! Had a few drinks in Rome got to know each other the first night and it was all good! Everyone was there for a good time so it wasn’t a problem!


Hello Smite,

A few questions. Sorry if they’ve been asked before.

How do you manage the money? Do you just get a card (I heard Gold Account from NAB before) and then use the ATMs or did you just bring other cards or cash?

I’ve been told that TopDeck gives you a SIM Card for the phone. I have an unlocked international phone so it would work perfectly. However I was told that the internet rates were horrible. I also heard about Vodafone in London with rates of about $3 per day per 25Mb. Know anything about that?

Luggage and personal items (passport etc). Can you lock them somewhere when you go to the bars? Or do i have to bring my own locks?

Thank you in advance for your answers.



My best friend and i are doing this trip in July. Do we need to obtain a visa before we travel?
How big is the bus? is there spare seats? or is it pretty full?
All of your tips have been very helpful thank you heaps!