Does Topdeck evercheck their voicemails/e-mails


I’ve officially left now over 4 voicemails with topdeck in regards to the pyramids & beaches trip leaving on April 28th and I’ve yet to hear back so here I’m begging to the forum to perhaps get a bloody answer!!!

Apparently the last 5 days of the trip we’ll be in Dahab, which is part of the Sinai peninsula. Well, turns out that they’ve evacuate the entire peninsula due to terrorist and bomb threats. I would LOVE to know if my trip is still happening and where we’ll be staying considering this place is pretty much considered condemned.

-A very unhappy client


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Sorry to hear you haven’t heard from anyone - what number/email address have you been trying to contact?

If you haven’t heard from the Topdeck team your trip is still going ahead.

We constantly monitor the situation in Egypt and if the situation changes we will let passengers know and put updates on Facebook and our website.

Flick an email through to if you have any questions.

Topdeck Team