Does it matter if I don't drink?


My friends are big drinkers and they all have done Contiki tours and I went on a 2 week European tour 4 years ago and I hated it because everyone on the bus was so obnoxious and loud. My friend slept with the tour leader and I didn’t enjoy my experience because of the constant party party party attitude. I party a bit at home but when travelling, I like to look around…
Is Top deck similar?


From what ive read on various forums and what not, Top deck are not as party party party as contiki. which was the reason i chose to book with them over the contiki tours. Im in the same boat as you, not a big drinker and prefer to see around more then the just the pub


I don’t think it will matter. My partner and I are doing a tour of Europe in April and we are both not big drinkers. We also chose Topdeck over contiki for the same reasons as Jamessiy! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


it will not matter so much I’m doing the mega erurope on june 5th and picked Topdeck because it is not all party I like a good night out but refuse to be drunk 49 days out of a 49 day trip which is what contki is like so I herd


I’m very similar, I enjoy a wine or two on a Friday night, but don’t like being legless, which is why I choose topdeck, it seems a bit of a different mindset.

My philosophy is I can see the inside of a pub at home… Im not spending thousands of dollars to see the inside of pubs and/or not remember it at all!



Here here, Jodie!

I couldn’t agree more with you, and as such I booked my tour with Topdeck because of all of the above reasons. For me the binge drinking attitude of the contiki tours was a pretty big turn-off, and one of my friends who did a tour of Europe with contiki, prizes a photo of himself, head half submerged in a beer stein as big as a small country while crowd surfing… Not my idea of a good time, or safe for that matter.

Bring on the sights and culture I say, and get drunk on that!


Hi, not that i’m choosing sides but I did a Contiki Tour nearly 3 years ago and I don’t drink at all and I didn’t drink on that tour and I had the best time. Yes you get the choice of going out every night if you want or you can stay in, I went out probably 75% of the time and I was not pressured into drinking or felt that I needed to. I think it depends on the people you’re on tour with and what your mind set is. The reason i’m choosing Topdeck this time is for the fact it was a bit cheaper and I wanted to try something different. Don’t let other people decide what you want to do. Enjoy your holiday :slight_smile:


I’m so glad that there are other non-drinking Topdeckers out there! :slight_smile: For me, I’m definitely going to Europe for the culture, cuisine and amazing monuments. Why pay thousands of dollars just to party every night and sleep during the day? I’ve heard stories about people missing out on sightseeing days because they were too drunk…what a waste of money!

Would be great to go out once in a while to experience the night life, but definitely not keen on getting wasted :smiley:


Im not much of a drinker I enjoy a drink every now and then. But the reason I choose Topdeck is because I want to travel and remember it not get obliterated and have nothing to show for my travels.

Can not wait for my tour in July ;D



My name is Sam and I am just the same as you. I don’t want 2 go out drinking every single night and be so hung over the next day, that I can’t think straight. From what I hear top deck is different to Contiki in terms of the party life, but I think that it also depends on your group as well What tour are you going on and what time of the year?

Sam :slight_smile:


This is a great topic! Puts my mind at ease as I am not a big drinker also. And I do not wish to miss out on what I have paid thousands of dollars to see/experience! I had been given advice from friends that have travelled on both companies and they say topdeck is much more sedate! I suppose in the end the choice is ultimately ours with what we choose to do on tour :slight_smile: bring on april 17 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Not a big drinker here either :). & I would rather spend my money on the optional activities etc rather than on alcohol. & I dont need to drink to have a good time.


I agree with you Tracey!!

Im going on the Northern Exposure 15 July - can not wait!! ;D


im going to europe to see the sites, not get plastered like my sister did every night when she went away. mind you she did go with contiki. But no friday and saturday nights are for the occasional drink with fellow travellers, other you wont see me sleeping off a hangover the next day and missing any sites.

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Hi all
So glad to see I’m not the only one with these views! I’m doing the Mega European, and may go out once or twice (Mykonos, maybe), but really dislike the idea of partying all the time, and at 18 it’s sometimes hard to find people my age with the same opinions.
Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


I’ve done Contiki (25 day tour) and while there was lots of “partying” no one was forced to go out drinking, nor did anyone get treated differently if they didn’t come…
I did go out the majority of nights but I was also up at the crack of dawn with everyone else and didn’t miss any sites…
Just be your own person and do what you want on the tour… I don’t think it matters who you travel with, we stayed at the same spots as Top Deck on a lot of occasions and the tours were out at the same bars we were at.