Does anybody know?


Hi all… I have a few questions…

Im going on the roman road and gondolas go north tours in september which are both guaranteed departure. YAY!

Does anybody know which hotel topdeck uses when in rome???

And does anybody know when the additional information for 2012 will be available???

I was told we will get our information packs before the tour begins… But I need to arrange my pre and post accomodation in rome as soon as possible.

Btw Does anybody have any experiences with Umi Hotel in London?? The reviews on tripadvisor aren’t that all appealing.

Appreciate your answers :slight_smile:


I am going on Tour on Feb 2. My travel pack arrived Xmas eve. My travel agent said TopDeck usually send out travel packs 3-4 weeks before the tour starts. :slight_smile:

Are you looking for a hotel or hostel in London?? Palmer’s Lodge is Swiss Cottage is amazing if you are looking for a backpacker hostel.


Thanks for the reply sologirl.
Im looking for something thats near the UMI hotel, most likely a private room hostel. Which tour are you doing?? Does it state which hotels/hostels you will be staying in for each night?


I am going on the Winter Spirit tour :slight_smile: Cannot wait!!!

Yeah the travel info I got from TopDeck has the hotel/hostels we are staying in each night, but also gives the disclaimer that they are subject to change due to availability and such.